About Blings by Patrick Ayanski

Blings by Patrick Ayanski is one of the Patrick Ayanski products which provides a new trendy look to your products with the use of elegant crystals – an essential accessory that gives you or your business organization an elegant sparkle – with a touch of class.

Blings by PA is a piece of creation that is in no way less of an eye-candy that the young and trendy people adorn unto. We provide an exciting new dimension in business branding and promotions to reputable and upcoming business market. We are well established and known in the Nigerian fashion circles and market in general.

Company and business owners can now put their logo and brand labels on most accessories such as t-shirts, face caps, towels, ipad cases, bags, wine, Aso-Oke, Ankara out fits, shoes and lot more in order to promote their businesses and products.

Bling designs are showing up for any and every occasion and no occasion at all. That’s why Blings by Patrick Ayanski has risen to the occasion, right at the nick of time, into corporate branding and awareness for corporate organizations that wants to take their brand to the international market and be different from the regular prints, transfers on tshirts and monogramming.

You can include many of our brilliant sparkles right here and there, and turn most products into capabilities of art work possessing a crystal pendants. The option is yours and only limited by your imagination.

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